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I hate applying for jobs
especially online jobs, where they do those questionnaires that take like 30 minutes, and I always feel like I have to lie on them. Questions such as, "You are able to control your emotions," or "You enjoy working with people." Do you disagree or agree?
Like, really, there is no retail job I am suited for because I just don't have the personality for it, but unfortunately, that is all I can do really, because what the hell else is there when you don't have a college degree yet?

I am sorry I am not bubbly and outgoing. I feel like employers discriminate against you if you're not. I can do the damn job and be friendly to people, but that doesn't mean that I am not pretending.

It's so frustrating because I suck at getting jobs. The only jobs I have gotten were because they REALLY needed someone and pretty much hired me on the spot.

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pretty much yes, you have to lie. its so fucked up. ughhhhh.

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