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There has to come a point..
When I will just suck it up and start being responsible. I got arrested a week ago for "careless" driving, yeah, I had 2 beers, and apparently that was enough for me to stupidly admit to a cop for them to take me to jail. I had lost my glasses and couldn't see shit. THAT is why I ran the red light, not because of the two beers I had an hour prior to driving home..

Anyway, that was an experience: being in the drunk tank without being drunk, and being talked to by the only other white chick in the place all night about how she broke her iphone 5 because of her boyfriend and got arrested for disorderly conduct. Geeze.

At least I had someone waiting for me when I got out, thanks Sean.

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God I'm SO sorry that is so horrible. You poor thing :/ you didn't get a dwi though??

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