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I will be seeing my mother for the first time in three years in about an hour. Is it strange that I feel anxious about seeing my own mother? I just feel like the last time I saw her, I was in such a different place in my life, such a different person. I guess I am also afraid of having to deal with my sister and any drama that ensues.

I am so so sick of it. I got off the bus a few weeks ago and heard someone screaming, turned out to be my sister, and my father was there trying to prevent her from getting on the bus and physically restraining her while she was screaming bloody murder. I just sat there awestruck and had to explain to the people around me that she is fucking insane. Then my dad made me go to the ER with them because he was afraid she would jump out of the car or something, so that was fun.

God, I hope everything turns out OK. I don't think I can handle emotional stress right now, especially because I am really trying hard to quit drinking.


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