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Falling in love with my 8th grade prom date
So Sean and I went to Columbia to see this guy we have both known for a while. He was good friends with Sean in high school, and I have known him since I was 13 (we went to 8th grade prom together!) Anyway, I found myself being able to talk to him like ACTUALLY talk to him. I didn't have to hide my thoughts/feelings and it was just so natural. He told me that he wished he could have been closer to me in high school and I talked to him about the whole my boyfriend's brother-in law raping me (a guy he knew, too) and he was the only person in that group of people to actually be supportive of me and on my side. It was this HUGE relief. Even when Sean was like, "Yeah, I always thought Lauren was hot in high school, but I figured she was a stuck-up bitch who would never talk to me because she was so quiet," this guy automatically said, "No, she's never been like that." And my I felt like my heart had done a backflip or something, haha. No one has EVER said that about me, actually saw through to me when I was in high school, except him, apparently. And I hadn't seen him in four years. Since seeing him, we have texted quite a bit about a lot of personal stuff and I keep having dreams about him...but he moved to Connecticut, so it's not like I could be with him even if I wanted to. He keeps sending me snapchats, too. I just haven't had a crush like this in a long, long time. He's one of my boyfriend's long-term friends though, so....pretty shitty.

Fucking A


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